Kube config help


What populates the kube config with the context to connect to the kubernetes cluster? I already had a context in place for use with minikube (OS: Ubuntu 18.04) but no new context was added to the config. Please note that I’m using hypriot instead of raspbian as the OS on the raspberry pis.

If nothing populates the config can you provide what it should look like please? Thank you.


Hey just wanna say I have the same problem as well.

After setup and I type kube proxy it just tells me there’s no context.


I have determined it is as simple as copying the .kube/config from your master node to your local .kube/config. If you already have contexts (like minikube or docker-for-desktop) then you need to manually copy the cluster, context and user from the master node .kube/config to your local .kube/config. Hope this helps someone else. Cheers.